Visit to Turkmeneli Foundation from Abdulkadir Aksu, former Minister of Interior of Turkey

TİKV-Press / One of the founding members of the AK Party, former Minister of Interior Abdülkadir Aksu paid an important visit to the Türkmeneli Foundation. Turkmeneli Foundation President Dr. Minister Aksu, accepted by Turhan Ketene; President of the Foundation Dr. He received information from Ketene. Minister Aksu; He underlined that he will continue his support to the Iraqi Turks with the same determination as in the past.

Turkmeneli Foundation President, Dr. Turhan Ketene expressed his satisfaction with the visit of Minister Aksu. “This valuable support will give great strength to our work. These words of an important figure of the Republic of Turkey will increase our determination. By saying; He thanked them for his visit”.

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