Şifa Health Center

Kirkuk Healing Health Center operating in Kirkuk provides services on the following subjects:

  1. General Surgery Unit: Minor operations are performed in this unit.
  2. Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit: In this unit, examination and general health screening of women and pregnant women are performed, and ultrasound service is provided when necessary.
  3. Internal Diseases Unit: In this unit, patients are diagnosed and treated based on laboratory findings.
  4. Pediatrics Unit: In this unit, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric patients are carried out based on laboratory findings, and children’s vitamin and formula needs regarding their nutrition are met.
  5. Eye Diseases Unit: Eye examinations, minor (small) operations and dressings are performed, and the eyeglasses needs of the patients are met.
  6. Ear-Nose-Throat Unit: Minor (minor) operations, cleaning and intervention in the ear, chronic tonsil treatment and dressings and culture analyzes are performed.
  7. Dental Unit: Oral and dental check-ups and treatment of patients, tooth extraction, root canal treatment and filling procedures and dental X-ray procedures are carried out.
  8. X-Ray Unit: All X-rays of the patients who come to the hospital are taken in line with the recommendations of the doctors.
  9. Laboratory: All kinds of analyzes are performed and more than 100 different diagnoses are made.
  10. Pharmacy: Sufficient amount of medicine is provided to outpatients and in need.