Education Support Services

Turkmeneli Foundation, which meets educational needs such as the preparation of the books taught in Turkmen schools in Iraq, the translation, printing and distribution of the current curriculum, the transportation of students, their clothes, stationery, the organization of extra-class activities and the repair of school buildings; It also provides education support services such as opening special courses for the development of Turkmen teachers and appointing contracted teachers to fill the shortage of teachers in schools.

It provides this service with the Turkmen Education and Culture Center it has established in Ankara, and the Fuzuli Turkmen Education and Culture Center and Fuzuli Printing House in Kirkuk.

It provides financial and educational support to Turkmen students studying in Turkey in cooperation with official institutions, organizes courses in order to improve their scientific level and gain national culture, and provides academic support to postgraduate students, especially on social science theses.

In the field of culture and arts, Turkmeneli Foundation has taken initiatives for the maintenance, evolution, protection and dissemination of thought, culture, language and art by all means, participated in and contributed to the organization of seminars, panels, concerts, festivals, workshops and congresses about Turkmens at home and abroad. are available.

It also supported the printing, distribution and promotion of many books, newspapers and magazines about Iraqi Turkmen.

It supports research and studies on Turkmens and the region in general through the Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM) and the Middle East Strategic Studies Center (ORSAM).