From Tradition to the Future

We convey the endowment services, which are the legacy of our grandfathers to humanity, to all the people we love in the lands we miss. We are trying to create a more beautiful and prosperous world for our grandchildren, regardless of religion, language or race. Welcome to our foundation.

Dr. Turhan Ketene
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Turkmeneli Foundation President Ketene visited ITF President Hasan Turan

Iraqi Turkmen Front President Hasan Turan, Turkmeneli Foundation Cooperation and Culture Foundation President Dr. He accepted Turhan Ketene in his office. Monday, May 17, 2021 Turan and the accompanying delegation, accepted under the presidency of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Kirkuk, discussed a number of issues of common interest carried out by the Turkmeneli Foundation Foundation. Studies in all Turkmen regions of Iraq were discussed. Turan and Ketene congratulated the Turkmen community on the occasion of the blessed Ramadan Feast. They also wished success to Turkmen institutions and organizations operating in every platform. Turan appreciated the role of the Turkmeneli Foundation Foundation in many projects and contributions that continue to serve the Turkmen people. Turan emphasized that the Iraqi Turkmen Front will continue to defend the rights of the Turkmen people and is open to cooperation and joint work with all institutions serving the Turkmen people …
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Türkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation, as a Non-Governmental Non-Governmental Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), after the completion of the society, the election of the 17th Civil Court of First Instance of Ankara on 12/06/1996 and numbered E: 1996/410, K: 1996/454 was established in Ankara on 29 June 1996 and started to place advertisements in the Official Gazette on 29 June 1996.

The Foundation obtains its revenues from foundation affiliated businesses and various donations and aids. The Foundation Center is in Ankara, and its rise in the Ankara Çankaya District is in/belongs to the Foundation’s 3 Apartments.

In order to be able to operate as an NGO in Iraq, the application was submitted to the Republic of Turkey on January 14, 1999. Adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Target Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation, which is the only NGO in Turkey among nearly a hundred civil society operating in Iraq, started its activities. In 1998, the official picture of the Foundation’s Erbil Representation was given.

Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation is trying to provide a helping hand in education in the Turkmeneli Region, and the Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation is trying to provide educated people in the Turkmeneli Region.

The Turkmeneli Foundation carries out joint activities in cooperation with Turkmeneli Institution for
Development and Reconstruction in Iraq. Education Support Services are realized through the
Turkmen Education and Culture Center established in Ankara and the Fuzuli Turkmen Education and
Culture Center and Fuzuli Printing House in Kirkuk.

Fuzuli Education and Culture Institution

Turkmen Education Center was opened in Kirkuk in 2009 under the name of Continuing Education Center. Later, in 2019, it …
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The Turkmeneli Foundation, which gives utmost importance to the health of the community, provides unrequited health services through the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution, the Şifa Health Center in Kirkuk and the Şehit Fatih Şakir Dispensary in Kifri city. In addition, patients unable to undergo treatment in Iraq are treated by the Turkmeneli Foundation in Turkey.

First Aid Course for Turkmen Women

Turkmeneli Foundation and Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution organized a First Aid Course for Turkmen Women in Kirkuk. At the …
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Since its establishment, the Turkmeneli Foundation has been providing all kinds of social assistance services in Turkmen regions in cooperation with the state, local and international non-governmental organizations in Turkey particularly TIKA, YTB, Red Crescent, AFAD, Directorate of Religious Affairs and Turkmeneli Institution for Development and Reconstruction in Iraq.

Kirkuk Visit by TIKA Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı

TIKA Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı visited Kirkuk Visiting Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı to Kirkuk. He undertook the repair of the Kirkuk Kayseri bazaar within the framework of TIKA’s Iraq Projects. Within the scope of the …
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Water Tanks Campaign for Cemeteries in Kirkuk from Turkmeneli Foundation

Turkmeneli Foundation President Dr. With the private initiative of Turhan Ketene, Water Tanks were placed in Kirkuk Cemeteries. The first step was taken in Kirkuk Musalla cemetery. The first water tank established by the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution Assistance …
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The Turkmeneli Foundation supports the cultural evolution of the community by realizing many activities at home and abroad to maintain, develop, protect and spread of humanitarian thought, culture, language, media and art by all means, and carries out important studies on Turkmens with the Turkic world communities. It supports the printing, distribution and promotion of books, newspapers and magazines inside Iraq.

Foundation Support for the Book Containing the Life of Turkmen National Struggler Sadun Köprülü

Osman OKTAY wrote a documentary novel based on the memories of Sadun KÖPRÜLÜ from Kirkuk, who pursued the cause of …
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