Kirkuk Visit by TIKA Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı

TIKA Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı visited Kirkuk Visiting Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı to Kirkuk. He undertook the repair of the Kirkuk Kayseri bazaar within the framework of TIKA’s Iraq Projects. Within the scope of the project’s control, TİKA Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı and his delegation visited Kirkuk and examined both the projects they have done and the projects that are ongoing and to be made on site. After the Kayseri bazaar in Kirkuk, TIKA, which started the Kirkuk Castle Turkish martyrdom project, also visited the Kirkuk castle.

The TIKA delegation then visited the Buğday Hatun Tailoring Workshop, which is affiliated with the Turkmeneli Foundation and the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution with which it cooperates. TİKA coordinator and Birgül Bayatlı, who is in charge of the Wheat Hat Workshop, visited the workshop and the TİKA delegation expressed their satisfaction with the work.

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

A Certificate was Given to Bugday Hatun Workshop Workers from the High Commissioner for Human Rights

The employees of the Buğday Hatun Tailoring Workshop affiliated to the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution, with which the Turkmeneli Foundation cooperates in Iraq, were awarded by the High Commissioner for Human Rights for their productive work in Kirkuk. Working in Kirkuk, Atölye was honored with a certificate of appreciation for helping poor families, widows and people in need.


Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

Meaningful Visit from Turkmen Deputy Seyit Muhtar Musavi

Turkmen Deputy Seyit Muhtar Mousavi visited Bugday Hatun Tailoring Workshop, which operates within the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution, within the framework of his visit to Kirkuk. Muhtar congratulated the employees and wished for more efficient products in the future. Birgül Bayatlı, responsible for Buğday Hatun Tailoring Workshop, expressed her satisfaction with the visit of the headman.

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş: