Turkmeneli Foundation January – February – March 2021 Activities

Within the scope of education services carried out in Iraq; In case of need, the essential needs of the Turkmen main schools were met, school uniforms and bags, masks and disinfectants were distributed to the students enrolled in the 1st grade of primary school within the scope of education incentive activities, and schools were disinfected, distance education programs were carried out for our students due to the COVID-19 Pandemic epidemic. The expenses of the mentioned activities were covered.

Yorgantepe Secondary School was opened in the Türkalan Village of Mosul to serve our Turkmen students.

Plumbing repairs were made to the classroom in the garden of the TEM service building, the classroom painting of Mescid-i Aksa Primary School, the darkening classroom repair of Altunca Primary School, the repair and classroom painting services of Tisin Martyrs Secondary School were carried out.

The operational and service expenses of the Turkmen Bayat Tribal Council operating in Kifri, Iraq have been covered.

Within the scope of the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic epidemic, the Buğday Hatun Workshop, which produces oxygen cylinders and medical masks in Iraq / Kirkuk, said that “Mass production materials, sewing materials, sewing machines and other materials maintenance and repair expenses, generator expenses, cash aid and meal fees for volunteer workers. , COVID-19 medical drug purchase expenses” have been covered.

Services for the equipment expenses and activities of the Turkmen Research and Development Center operating in Kirkuk in order to conduct social, cultural and historical research on Turkmen, to carry out activities for raising awareness and development of our Turkmen youth, to bring together Turkmen academicians and notables to exchange ideas. expenses have been met.

Turkmen writer Mr. With the work titled “The Echoes of Tal Afar Writers in Memories” by Zennun KARABAŞ, Mr. 500 copies of the work named “5000 Years of Kirkuk History” written by İsmail AVCI were printed and the printing expenses were covered.

The purchase price for the supply of 25 oxygen cylinders for the Mosul Office of the Iraqi Turkmen Front was covered.

Various fixtures and fixtures were provided in the meeting hall, which was opened for the purpose of bringing together the Turkmen youth living in Tisin and ensuring unity and solidarity.

Water wells were drilled in Telafer Ceddu Hill, Bostamlı Village and Yengice Village.







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