Turkmeneli Foundation’s website has been renewed in the 25th Anniversary

Turkmeneli Foundation’s website has been renewed in the 25th Anniversary



Operating in Turkey and Iraq, the Foundation announces its activities to the public on its website through the institutions it has established and in cooperation with the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution in Iraq.

The Turkmeneli Foundation was established by a group of Iraqi intellectual Turkmen living in Turkey on 29 June 1996 as a public benefit foundation. Headquartered in Ankara; Türkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation, with its open name, was registered as a non-governmental non-governmental organization (NGO) by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey.

Since the activities of non-governmental organizations in Iraq are allowed with a different status, the Turkmeneli Foundation also cooperates with the “Turkmeneli Development and Development Agency” in Iraq, serving in Mosul-Talafar, Erbil, Kirkuk, Tuzhurmatu, Diyale-Kifri, Baghdad and other Turkmen regions. Turkmeneli Foundation performs the services in its deed through the institutions it owns.

Education Support Services

Turkmeneli Foundation carries out joint activities in Iraq in cooperation with Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution. It carries out its Education Support Services through the Turkmen Education and Culture Center it established in Ankara, and the Fuzuli Turkmen Education and Culture Center and Fuzuli Printing House in Kirkuk.

Health Service

The Turkmeneli Foundation, which gives utmost importance to the health of the society, provides free health services through the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution and the Şifa Health Center in Kirkuk and the Martyr Fatih Şakir Dispensary in the city of Kifri. In addition, patients who do not have treatment in Iraq are treated in Turkey by the Foundation.

Social Aid Services:

Since its establishment, Turkmeneli Foundation has been providing all kinds of social assistance services in Turkmen regions, in cooperation with the state or local and foreign non-governmental organizations, especially with TIKA, YTB, Red Crescent, AFAD, Presidency of Religious Affairs and Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution in Iraq. .

Cultural Services

Turkmeneli Foundation; It has made attempts at home and abroad for the maintenance, evolution, protection and dissemination of thought, culture, language, media and art by all kinds of means, and carries out important studies on the communities of the Turkic world and the Turkmens. Iraqi Turkmen support the printing, distribution and promotion of a large number of books, newspapers and magazines.

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