Fuzuli Education and Culture Institution

Turkmen Education Center was opened in Kirkuk in 2009 under the name of Continuing Education Center. Later, in 2019, it started its activities under the name of Turkmen Education Center. Turkmen Education Center is an institution affiliated to Turkmeneli and Cultural Center. In 2020, Turkmen Education Center officially transferred to the name of Fuzuli Education and Culture Institution according to the laws of Iraq. The main purpose of Fuzuli Education and Culture Institution is to meet the needs of Turkmen schools in the Turkmeneli region.

Activities of the Fuzuli Education and Culture Institution.

  • To organize continuous courses for all teachers working in Turkmen schools.
  • Meeting stationery and clothing for students enrolled in Turkmen schools.
  • To organize courses and various activities for Turkmen students during education and training.
  • To reward successful students in Turkmen schools.
  • To meet the salaries of contract teachers working in Turkmen schools.
  • Organizing Turkish courses for foreigners.
  • Repairing Turkmen schools and meeting the needs such as school signs.
  • To distribute the magazines and classroom tables for Turkmen students.
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Turkmeneli Education and Culture Center, one of the subsidiaries of the Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation, was established in Ankara in November 2001. The Center supports Iraqi Turks with various cultural projects, especially education and training. The publication of the books taught in Turkish schools in Iraq by being translated from Arabic to Turkish, the writing and publication of Turkish language and literature books, the preparation of various course materials are among the important studies of the Turkmeneli Education and Culture Center on education. In the Iraqi Turkmeneli Regions affiliated to the Turkmeneli Education and Culture Center; It has representative offices in Kirkuk, Erbil, Kifri, Diyale, Baghdad, Tuzhurmatu.


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NGO’s Consultation Meeting in Kirkuk


Turkmeneli Foundation, the Turkmeneli Reconstruction and development institution with which it cooperates in Kirkuk; Civil Society Organizations coordinator of the Iraqi Prime Ministry and the United Nations (YUNAMI) held a consultation meeting in Kirkuk with the participation of the Civil Society Organizations. NGOs active in Kirkuk attended the meeting. Cooperation and working systems were discussed between them.


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