Aid to Turkmeneli from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

TİKV- Press / Within the scope of cooperation between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Turkmeneli Foundation, a helping hand was extended to Iraqi Turkmens, whose situation is inadequate in Turkey. These aids; 500 pieces of boots, 500 pieces of coats, 250 pairs of socks, 50 pieces of trousers, 20.000 pieces of medical masks and 1,000 pieces of children’s clothing consisting of tracksuits, underwear, sweaters, shirts and shoes were sent to Gaziantep and distributed to Turkmen families with poor economic conditions. In addition, 3,233 pieces consisting of 1,000 coats, 189 pieces of skirts, 100 pieces of trousers, 140 pieces of dresses, 260 pieces of overcoats, 86 pieces of suits and tracksuits, underwear, sweaters and shoes to be distributed to Turkmen families with insufficient economic situation in Kirkuk. children’s clothes were sent to Kirkuk.


Sosyal Medyada Paylaş: