Turkmeneli Foundation Activities in 2020

Turkmeneli Foundation Activities in 2020

Within the scope of the education services carried out together with the institutions that Turkmeneli Foundation cooperates with in Iraq; In case of need, the essential needs of the Turkmen main schools were met, supplementary courses and basic Turkish courses were organized for our Turkmen students and teachers, national clothes were made for students to be used in cultural events, Kirkuk Turkmen main primary schools 5th Grade Mathematics Olympiad and a mathematical equipment competition were organized. Poetry festival, painting exhibition, book reading festival, award ceremony for retired Turkmen educators were organized in Turkmen schools, school uniforms and bags, masks and disinfectants were distributed to the students who enrolled in the 1st grade of primary school within the scope of education incentive activities, and schools were disinfected, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic, distance education programs were carried out for our students and the expenses of the aforementioned activities were covered.

Various needs of Kifri Goncagül Kindergarten, Karma Karaoğlan School and Karma Doğan High School and Mosul Reşidiye Turkmen School were met. Kisla Primary School, Mescid-i Aksa Primary School, Çalışkan Primary School and Tuzhurmatu Şht. Various repair service fees of Ali Haşim Muhtaroğlu Primary School and various needs of Kifri Goncagül Kindergarten with painting and wall painting fees were met. In addition, various inventory / equipment and stationery needs of Parlak Boys High School, Yahyava High School, Şehit Sadır Primary School, Erbil Türkmen Akkoyunlu Primary School and other Turkmen schools were met.

Within the scope of education incentive activities; The expenses of the activities carried out in order to encourage Turkmen students to enroll in Turkmen schools serving in Iraq instead of Arab schools were covered.

Paper costs and other expenses related to the printing services of the textbooks planned to be taught in Turkmen schools in Iraq were covered.

Expenses of the printing services of the 2020 Turkmeneli Cultural Agenda have been covered.

The operational and service expenses of the Turkmen Bayat Tribal Council operating in Kifri, Iraq have been covered.

On the occasion of Ramadan, food packages were provided to needy Turkmen families living in Amirli and Karanas Villages of Iraq.

Within the scope of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Buğday Hatun Workshop, which produces oxygen cylinders and medical masks in Iraq / Kirkuk, said, “Maintenance and repair expenses of mask production materials, sewing materials, sewing machines and other materials, generator expenses, cash assistance and meal fees for volunteer workers With the “COVID-19 medical drug purchase expenses”, various needs such as caravans and telephone purchases for the workshop were met.

The malfunctioning engine of the water well used in Kifri Martyr Fatih Şakir Dispensary services was repaired.

Turkmen writer Mr. Of the 1959 Kirkuk Massacre written by Habip HÜRMÜZLÜ, 500 copies were printed and printing costs were covered.

To conduct social, cultural and historical research on Turkmen, to carry out activities for raising awareness and development of our Turkmen youth, to bring together Turkmen academicians and notables to exchange ideas, and for the establishment and equipment expenses and activities of the Turkmen Research and Development Center, which was established in Kirkuk. service costs are covered.

As a result of the cooperation with the Turkmeneli Development and Reconstruction Institution operating in Iraq / Kirkuk; 2 water wells were drilled to serve Turkmen families living in Mosul Cebben Town.

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