vatan yıldızları vakfı ziyareti

Vatan Stars Foundation Delegation Visited Turkmeneli Foundation


TIKV-Press / Homeland Stars Foundation President Soner Halisdemir and the accompanying delegation visited the Turkmeneli Foundation. Turkmeneli Foundation President Dr. Turhan Ketene accepted the delegation in his office.

Soner Halisdemir, Chairman of the Vatan Yıldızları Foundation, Mustafa Yorgun, Deputy Chairman and General Manager, and Zuhal Erol, Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary General, expressed their satisfaction with the visit of the foundation. On the other hand, the Turkmeneli Balkans, Dr. Flax; He said that they are ready to cooperate with any kind. Turkmeneli Foundation Projects consultant Firuze Gökler was also present during the acceptance of the delegation.

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