Azerbaijan Ascension Party Visit



TİKV-Press/ The delegation headed by the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Ascension (AY) Party Anar Esedli, who made contacts in Turkey, visited Turkmen institutions…

The first stop of AY Party Delegation was Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation. Foundation President Turhan Ketene received the delegation consisting of AY Party Chairman Anar Esedli, Vice President Behram İsmailov, Vice President Elşad Abdullayev and Head of Tabriz Research Center Rıza Heyet.

During the meeting, the Nagorno-Karabakh Victory, which Azerbaijan added to its lands again after years, and the relations between Azerbaijan-Iraq and Turkey were discussed.

At the end of the meeting, Ketene, the President of the Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation, presented the book set on the history and culture of the Turkmen to his guests.

In his admission to Ketene, Foundation Chief Advisor Dr. Mustafa Ziya and Foundation Press Advisor Dr. Şemsettin Küzeci accompanied him.

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